Thursday 3rd October 2013: Couldn’t sleep last night, so much anxiety over my appointment with the consultant for PCOS scan etc on Monday, ended up googling so much and didn’t get to bed until 3am. So clearly I wasn’t going make it to 7.30am yoga:( Got up at 10, couldn’t decide what to do/what to wear.. made it to the library eventually, had my packed lunch at uni (stress stress), my first lecture (hard but good). Had my snack, went to ballet class (so good) and then randomly bought a black leather skirt and some brown loafer style shoes:D Properly good food day!

(B) 2 x medium organic boiled eggs, 25g x quinoa with 15g of my new AMAZING raw activated almond butter

(S) 1/2 apple, 20g x macadamia nuts

(L) tin of sardines in olive oil, 1/3 small sweet potato, celery, green pepper, lettuce leaves. Few bites of pear & coffee.

(S) 2 x my ‘egg white coconut raspberry cups’, other 1/2 apple

(D) 1 x organic chicken breast baked with herbs & 10g coconut oil, green beans, broccoli, crispy kale (more crispy kale than pictured!)