Wednesday 2nd October 2013: Got up at 7am to go to a morning meditation class at 7.30, didn’t think it was on as no one was there, left, then by the time I got back to my room at 7.50 I got a call from the instructor saying it was starting then… he offered to meet me this friday before class though to go over some techniques as a beginner:) Really hungry this morning after getting up early (for me), and also had my first day back at work since moving back to London, so messed around with my snacks a bit and ended up having a bit extra. Exhausted but good day!

08.00 (B) 2 x medium organic boiled egg, 25g ‘overnight’ quinoa soaked in 50g coconut milk & 10g flaxseeds

10.00 (S) 2 x my ‘egg white coconut berry cups’!

11.45 (S) 1/2 apple, 10g macadamia nuts (half my afternoon snack but hungry at work)

13.45 (L) Grilled turkey breast chopped up with 1/2 avocado, 1/2 small sweet potato, green beans, celery, salad leaves (couldn’t finish it in time)

15.40 (S) rest of lunch, other half of apple & 10g macadamia nuts

19.00 (D) Grilled British lamb leg steak with steamed broccoli, asparagus, lettuce leaves & 2 tsp coconut oil

20.00 (S) unintentional… brought a different brand of raw almond butter for my breakfast, of course licked the spoon while portioning it out for future breakfasts and OMG it is the tastiest nut butter I have ever found!! Ended up having maybe 40g:/ Didn’t feel toooo guilty because everyone else was baking/eating cake for someone’s birthday & also just because it was DELICIOUS and I was hungry from my busy day!