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Friday 18th April 2014
1643 kcals. Eggs and BP coffee for breakfast. Lunch was a big salad with prawns and avocado and basil infused olive oil. Cauliflower mash topped cottage pie for dinner which I shared with my mum so couldn’t eat it all this time thank god! Snacks with pieces of frozen coconut oil and slices of roast ham. Keto on..

Plucked up the courage to take some body shots this morning to try and place less emphasis on the scales.

I ended up comparing them to body photos of me at a similar weight almost exactly 3 years ago… I’m 23 now and although i’m hating myself for gaining back so much weight somehow i feel like my face has changed over the years and i’m much happier with my appearance (with clothes on) now. Just thought i’d share that little positive and remind everyone to focus on loving the good parts of you rather than hating the bad:)

Thursday 17th April 2014

1550 kcals. Great keto day. Proud of myself for not getting anything to eat at Paddington while waiting for train back to my parent’s this evening. Horrendous body image though, all my clothes are tight and just ugh. Need to hang on in there and get back to being fully keto adapted.

Got my hands on a medieval physician manuscript at the library (with added 18th doodling) - thoroughly enjoyed the sections on what star-signs rule different parts of the body and which medicines can cure illnesses according to the colour of your pee. This is me trying to turn my history of art dissertation into a subject on health haha

It’s 3.30pm and I’m only just leaving to go to the library and my dissertation final draft is due in a week and I have written exactly 0 words. MOVE DANIELLE MOVE

Long day at work, got home and for the first time in ages made a faux cottage pie - no carby veg and replaced potato mash with buttery cauliflower mash. Intended (kinda) to leave half for lunch but of course ate the whole thing… That’s 400g of mince.. WAY too much protein for keto but OH MY it was so tasty. Not going to help me loose but every day survived without a sugar-fuelled binge is a win in my books right now so yeah

When you know you should be using a healthy coping skill but you’re in a difficult situation and can’t remember any:



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If you are a low carb/keto/paleo blog, I want to follow you. Please reblog and I will follow.

oh hey.



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As I haven’t updated in the last few days here are a few recent primal keto eats:)
2 breakfasts:
- fried eggs in coconut oil with leftover cold salmon and blended iced coffee
- pancakes made with natural whey protein & eggs w/ cinnamon & coconut oil
2 lunches:
- prawn & avocado salad w/ basil included cold pressed olive oil
- Abodo Mexican salad box including smoked chilli chicken, chorizo, fresh chunky tomato & onion salsa & sprinkle of cheese
2 dinners:
- baked salmon fillet with lettuce, celery & some roasted veg with coconut oil
- Sunday roast pork with paleo stuffing, cauliflower and kale crisps

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